Alisa Grebenshchikova added son in "Ice age""

Alisa Grebenshchikova added son in In 2008, Alisa Grebenshchikova, daughter of rock musician Boris Grebenshchikov, gave birth to first child - a boy growth of 50 cm and a weight of 3650 grams.However, to formalize the relationship with the father of the baby Grebenshchikov was not going. About the chosen star and the father of her child was known not so much: his name is Sergey Danduran, he's a photographer and cameraman, shot music videos for groups "Nogu Svelo", "Tattoo", "Hummingbird", was received for the awards. Alice and Sergey were together for six years. However, after the birth of a child lovers parted.The actress complained that she has to raise the child alone. While there are rumors that the father of the child is not a former common-law husband, and coach Alisa on the show "Ice age" Ilya Averbukh. So far, neither Sergei himself nor the people from his inner circle do not wish to discuss this juicy topic.Now 5-year-old son of Alice Grebenshikovo participates in the project "Ice age". Read more -->

UEFA will not migrate the UEFA Europa League Rubin - Chelsea in Kazan

UEFA will not migrate the UEFA Europa League Rubin - Chelsea in KazanRubin Kazan will hold a home match of the quarter final of the Europa League against Chelsea in Moscow. Recall that the fans of the club sent a letter to UEFA to change the decision of the organization and to hold the match in Kazan. "The match will take place in Moscow, and the appeal and the revision of this decision is not subject.This is an incomplete text of the news. . . . Read more -->

The radamel Falcao: "I teach English""

The radamel Falcao: OREANDA-NEWS / SPORT.RU. Striker and top scorer Atletico Madrid, with whom Rubin should play the return game of the Europa League, Radamel Falcao told about how it changed the game of football. "In Spain the difficult economic situation. Here a very large percentage of unemployment as adults, and young. Many players are in a bubble, trying to protect themselves from the situation in the society.This is an incomplete text of the news. . Read more -->

Parents against children prices for kindergarten

Parents against children prices for kindergartenSignatures under the appeal to the leadership of the Republic and its capital began to collect yesterday, the parents of preschoolers. "Think about all of this! You slam people into poverty!" - said in a petition addressed to the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, Director of Alexei Pecorino, as well as the head of the city Department of education Ilsur Galiullina and Chairman of the Committee on children and youth Sergey Mironov.- Today we have a fee for kindergarten is higher than in Moscow, - says Natalia Shmygova, one of the activists of the movement "We are against raising prices for the kindergarten, which has created Vkontakte open group, but in the Russian capital, it is promised next year not to raise, and we have only the words take care of children, and in fact do everything to kindergartens ceased to be available.Shmygova cited the example of his own family, which with the new year for kindergarten will have to pay more than two thousand, whereas in the beginning of this year the fee was just over a thousand. Because Natalia family circumstances is not working, she and her husband does not put additional compensation - only discount 20 percent, and then have already grown recently on a couple of hundred roubles fee for kindergarten from January'll jump."And yet expensive not only kindergarten, the cost of food, rent, gasoline, too, grow - lists Natalia. And no one shall supersede traditional kindergarten adjustments: on the initiative of the parent Committee in the kindergarten are always raising money, equipment, furniture and other needs... And to dream now about speech therapy group, where wages are twice as high as us in the light of all this, it is not necessary."This is an exorbitant fee for young families where one parent is on maternity leave, those paying a mortgage for the apartment for moms-parents," says the petition, under which young women yesterday collected signatures in the "Park house" and the Park of Glory in the prospect of Victory, and today will gather at the metro station "Aircraft", DK Gaidar. - You must decide to stand on the side of his people, saving for our children's constitutional right to affordable education, or to go against people's civil rights... Read more -->

Closed process

Closed process24-year-old mother of the child and her 43-year-old boyfriend was charged with two episodes of sexual child abuse. The woman is also charged with improper upbringing and abuse with his son. Intentional contamination of baby HIV they are not charged, and because of this diagnosis, the defendants themselves have learned only during the preliminary investigation."The defendants have pleaded not guilty and is not recognized. During the judicial debate their lawyers asked to make the acquittal. When the mother heard a sentence that asks the Prosecutor, even giggled, probably not believe that this seriously. . Read more -->

The son of Philip Kirkorov opened talent

The son of Philip Kirkorov opened talentIn June 2012 the singer Philip Kirkorov was born the son of Martin Cristo, which was named in honor of a favorite singer Ricky Martin. Soon the boy will be a year, and he already shows his talent.The king of pop has admitted that she has a son and daughter of his aunt Marie - last Opera singer - she loves nephews and often enables them to classical music. Martin inherited the family talent aunt and father - that mean genes."My favorite aunt Maria Opera singer sings Martin and Alla-Victoria song. When they hear her coloratura soprano, begin to sing along. Especially Martin tries. Right feels harmony. Read more -->

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